YA Review: A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

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Title: A Study in Charlotte

Author:  Brittany Cavallaro

Rating: 4/5

Two-sentence summary: When Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes, descendants of the legendary Holmes and Watson, are framed for a murder of their fellow classmate, they must rely on each other’s wit and intuition to solve this case. But as their time runs out, they find that their ancestors’ footsteps are hard shoes to fill.

What I loved: Although there are tons of modern-day Sherlock Holmes novels out there, it’s hard to find a really compelling one. I think that’s not necessarily because the authors behind them don’t write good stories but because they’re taking on quite the mantle. A Study in Charlotte is one of the good ones, though. What I think the book does right is not making itself a retelling of the Holmes and Watson stories so much as a continuation. Charotte Holmes is not Sherlock, nor is Jamie Dr. Watson, but they have a similar heart and mind dynamic going on as they work to clear their names. This helped them develop into their own personalities and throw a strong nod to the original characters without constantly living in their shadows.

This book’s a quick read in a really good way. It’s got its gritty moments, sure, but A Study in Charlotte doesn’t take itself or its source material too seriously and has just as much humor as it does intensity. It’s just… fun. A little dark but overall, plenty of fun to read.

Quote: “I wanted the two of us to be complicated together, to be difficult and engrossing and blindingly brilliant.”

Recommended: I started my freshman year of high school right when the second season of BBC Sherlock came out and have been enamored with it ever since. If you love that series, this book will absolutely delight you. It has a similar feel but with just enough difference in their interpretations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters to make A Study in Charlotte stand out. And, considering that this is the first book in a series, you’ll probably get to read plenty more books in the Jamie and Charlotte universe before BBC Sherlock season five comes out! Which is one of those things that you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry about but, point being, this is a great read.

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3 thoughts on “YA Review: A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

  1. I agree that the book is a “quick read in a really good way”, and with what you said about the pressure on writers who take on the challenge of writing about these iconic characters. Have you read ‘The House of Silk’ by Anthony Horowitz? I thought it was weird but interesting.


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